Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Softball Checks in at Evansville Tourney

Shelby Long
By Shelby Long - Softball
Feb. 28, 2012

With our games this past weekend we ended up going 1-3 with our first win of the season. Karyn McCarty had the first Titans home run for the year followed shortly by Sara Cupp’s two run homer to get us back in the game against Evansville. We fought hard against Evansville both times we played them and in the second round came out with a “W”. Winning the game 4-3, it was a full team effort. Julia Maksym got her first win of the year, throwing a scattered seven-hitter. We also turned our first double play against Evansville in the sixth inning. A couple of us even collected our first hits of the season. I hit a double knocking in two runs and Alyssa Gietl had a single knocking in one run. Renee Zaccagni’s go-ahead hit in the top of the 7th pushed us ahead of the Purple Aces by one where we held them in the bottom of the 7th.

The English accents are still in full effect as well as our constant quoting of the movies, “A League of Their Own” and “Anchorman”. The 8 hour bus rides gave us the opportunity to watch movies that we have seen many times and quote them together. We even got to watch my all-time favorite baseball movie, “The Sandlot”.

Getting to play the Butler Bulldogs was a good experience. Even though it did not turn out in our favor, we now have more scouting on their new players as well as their returners and can better face them when it comes to Horizon League games. The weather was chilly, but a lot better than the last games in South Carolina. These games are doing well to prepare us for the Florida games and the soon to come first home games.

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