Friday, February 17, 2012

For Detroit Softball in South Carolina... I'm Ron Burgundy

Alyssa Gietl
By Alyssa Gietl - Softball
Feb. 17, 2012

This past weekend the Detroit Titan Softball team traveled to Spartanburg, South Carolina to start out our season. Even though we did not get the outcome we had hoped for, we still had many positive events that came out of the weekend. This weekend was a weekend of many firsts for our Titan squad. Sophomore Hannah Klenk got the first hit of the season along with three other freshmen who also got their first base hits of the season: Dani Holmes, Alyssa Schaub, and Sam Henderson. Freshman Kat Hoffman got her first opportunity to pitch at the collegiate level for the Titans and freshman Vanessa Garcia led the team with a batting average over .500 and was named to the USC Upstate All- Tournament team.

Our team also had the opportunity to bond together on our 13 hour bus trip. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy was probably the favored movie amongst our team and was even quoted during warm-ups and during the game. Most players knew it so well that they could quote the entire movie. On the way back some of the team decided it would be fun to talk in British accents. While we were talking in our British accents Kelsey Hylen told us all about Nebraska, and some of the interesting places to visit if we are ever in the area.

This season the Titans have 10 returners and have added nine newcomers. It was nice to finally put our cleats on and play outside on the dirt. We were disappointed that weather was not going to cooperate with us for our fourth game. An NCAA rule will not let us play if it is below 32 degrees outside and before the start of our game it was 22 degrees. We are looking forward to our next set of games, which are a week from this Saturday in Evansville, Indiana. We even get the opportunity to play our conference rivals, the Butler Bulldogs in a non-conference match-up.

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