Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Cardio for a Cause"

It's almost time! The 2012 version of "Cardio for a Cause" will kick off at 3:00 a.m. on Friday morning.

The stage has been set
The start time is scheduled so that the 36-hour ending point coincides with halftime of the 2:00 p.m. men's basketball game on Sat. Feb. 18. The Sears BracketBuster game will pit the Titans against James Madison. The majority of riding will take place in the Larry Bleach Weight Room in the second floor of Calihan Hall with the final three hours of riding set to take place on Dick Vitale Court at Calihan Hall.

Student-athletes, staff, coaches and faculty will all raise money by seeking sponsors for their 10-minute ride with a portion of the proceeds set to go to the American Cancer Society. The event will also support Detroit Titan Athletics and the Strength and Conditioning department.

Keep checking back for videos, blogs and updates throughout the event!

We're underway! It's 3am and we're in Calihan Hall kicking off the 2012 version of "Cardio for a Cause!"

Our first rider was Julia Fernandes.

Julia Fernandes - 3:00 a.m.
Given the time I got here, 20 minutes felt insignificant. With a little joking around with track runner Derek Baker, biking a couple miles at 3am was fun. It's great to kick off a cause that involves all of our athletes here. The sense of community that Calihan holds makes it all the more special to parttake in something I'm sure all of our athletes here are passionate about. Hope the other athletes will get some smiles out of their rides!

Beka Dornbos - 5:40 a.m.
Although it's before 6 o'clock in the morning, Mary Leone and I made our way over to Calihan Hall to ride the bike for a cause. In ten minute increments we are helping our school build together as a community and put something towards a good cause.

Oliver Walther - 6:10 a.m.
What are ten minutes in the big spectrum of it all and when helping a great cause?! Riding the bike this early was a great way to start a very eventful day. I am glad that I could support "Cardio for a Cause" and I am proud of the program to show its support and help others. Keep on riding the bike! #GoTitans

Alyssia Recchia - 6:20 a.m.
Waking up early to support a great cause was almost a no-brainer.  It's amazing to see all the people who signed up to help and who are following through with their goals to ride the bike for 10 minutes in order to help those in need.  This is a fantastic way to get all of the UDM athletes and students involved with the community. #GoTitans

Jillian Terry - 6:30 a.m.
Arriving only 30 seconds before my roommate (Alyssia Recchia) and I were suppose to bike, the adrenaline was definitely pumping. The ten minutes felt like a breeze. I'm glad that I could contribute to such a good cause, and is nice to see all of UDM's athletic teams, staff, and students come together to support the community. #GoTitans

Katelynn Hutnick - 6:40 a.m.
I think Cardio for a Cause is a great way to get student athletes involved and doing something all together to help raise funds for cancer.  It felt good knowing that because I am doing something so simple and small that I will impact someones life in a big way.  I am glad to say that I could participate in this.

Rebecca Mallender - 9:10 a.m.
Waking up a little earlier than usual was an easy decision to make, as I knew the extra ten minutes was supporting Cardio for a Cause. Cardio for a Cause is a great way to keep the student athletes here at UDM involved and active in charity, as well as a great way to give back to the community with my golf teammates. Go Titans!!

Daniel Morris - 10:10 a.m.
I have relatives that have had lung cancer, and relatives that have been taken by cancer. It feels extraordinary to be doing something to help them fight their illness and honor the memory of those that have lost the battle.  Cardio for a Cause is a great way to help show that you care.  It only takes 10 minutes of your time, and it goes by very fast.  It was 110 % worth my time and I'm glad I could participate.

Nathan Steinwascher - 10:20 a.m.
I think this is a great and easy way for all of us athletes to be involved in a charity event. I have also had relatives and many people I know with not only lung cancer, but all types of cancer. I feel great about helping out in this event, especially that it only took a quick 10 minutes out of my time, and I think many more people should continue to get involved in this event in the future.

Adam Bedell of men's soccer
Adam Bedell of the men's soccer team just after 11:00 a.m. We are past the first eight hours and 28 left to go! Did you see the LIVE WEBSTREAM of the event?? Barring technical difficulties, the camera will be running throughout the entire event so check in and see who is riding. You can also check it on your mobile device so check on your friends and favorite Titan athletes throughout the event.

Lindsey Lammers - 12:10 pm
This is my second year participating in Cardio for a Cause and I think it's a great event that allows the whole Titan Athletic community to get involved for a good cause. Hopping on the bike for 10 minutes is an easy way for us athletes to give back, and help make a difference. Being a Titan is all about the red, white and blue attitude through & through and I can't wait to help out again next year. GO TITANS!

Rachel Copple- 1:00 pm
I think this is a great opportunity for all of the Titan athletes and the Athletic staff to come together. It is a great opportunity for the entire Titan community to come together and raise money for a good cause, as well as our athletic program. I have several relatives that have battled cancer, and it feels great to contribute my time to help others who are battling cancer.I have participated in this event for three years now, and I hope to come back after I have graduated to participate.

VIDEO: We will have a couple videos to post throughout the next 24 hours that remain. Susan Kalkstein of the women's track and field team relays the bike to Chanahl Putnam of the women's basketball team.

We have video of our men's basketball head coach Ray McCallum who puts in a little "Cardio for a Cause." Women's basketball head coach Autumn Rademacher is scheduled to ride Saturday when the riding is done courtside on Dick Vitale Court at Calihan Hall.

Jesus Ginez (Mens Soccer) 6:50-7:10pm
This is my first year participating in the Cardio for a Cause event and I am really excited to take part in it. After chicken nugget day at TDR this is a great opportunity for me to burn off those extra calories. I arrived ten minutes early to support my teamate Joey K and I will be riding an extra ten minutes to fill in for my other teamate Patrick Soltys. Regardless this is a great event for a great cause that allows the athletes here at UDM to participate and contribute.

Abbey Troy and Victoria Sollestre (Women's Soccer) 8:38pm
So it's a beautiful Friday night in Detroit and Abbey Troy and I are experiencing our first Cardio for a Cause. The experience has been super rewarding to say the least. In total, all of the UDM athletes, faculty, and staff will bike about the distance from here to New Orleans. Being able to take part in such an experience has been rewarding for the both of us to help out with cancer research. Much love to everyone who has participated or will be participating. Peace and blessings.

What do you normally do between the hours of 10pm and 1am on a Friday night, members of the women's lacrosse team took over the weight room. What happened was... well the video will tell the story.

Alyssa Riley and Alyssa Lotito (Womens Soccer) 1:21am
It's now Saturday morning and snowing... Not impressed. Bonding with the team is always a good experience cause they is funny and stuff. Burning Calories, yet gaining a million more from all the food we're eating is fun. I'm really excited to be doing this and i think everyone should get the chance to bike sometimes.

The countdown is on! We are approaching 3pm and have moved the bike courtside. James Madison will take on the Detroit Titans at 2pm with 3pm to come as the game approaches halftime. Breanne Meyer of the cheer team was the first rider outside of the weight room.

Breanne Meyer from the cheerleading squad was the first rider courtside on Dick Vitale Court
Breanne Meyer - Cheerleading - 11:40 am
I'm a sophomore Cheerleader and this is my first time participating in Cardio For a Cause. It is a great experience to be raising money for such a great thing. Being the first rider outside of the weight room was a experience and I got to watch some of the local middle school basketball teams play.

Rachel Hofsess - Women's Cross Country - 11:50 am
This is my first time participating in Cardio For a Cause. I believe this is a great opportunity to bring all of our athletic teams together to support a great cause. Having the bike downstairs on the court during the basketball game is a great way to get publicity and grab a few donations for the event. I enjoyed breaking the seat of the bike, Eli (Holman the next rider) I'm sure will have a great time biking with the seat on the lowest setting.

Katie Weishaar - Women's Cross Country/Track - 12:45 pm
I'm a junior at UDM and this is my third time participating in Cardio for a Cause. I've signed up every year with my teammates. We had fun dancing and singing with the music playing on the court.

Brie Wilcox - Women's Basketball - 1:30 pm
Being a part of Cardio for a Cause, is an amazing opportunity, riding to raise cancer awareness. Along with my other teammates, I believe riding the bike for ten minutes is a small contribution we can make to support the cause. Being courtside the men's basketball game creates a great atmosphere allowing the fans the opportunity to see the dedication of the many student athletes.

1:45 pm - It's almost game time and the seniors from the men's basketball team were just honored. We're set to finish riding at 3pm so there are only a few riders left. Our last rider of the day is scheduled to be none other then the President of the University of Detroit Mercy, Dr. Antoine Garibaldi.

Autumn Rademacher with Tom Ledyen
Associate V.P. & Athletic Director Keri Gaither took her turn supporting the cause. We have had Tom Leyden from Channel 7, head coach of the women's basketball team Autumn Rademacher and Yar Shayok of the women's basketball team all ride in preparation for the final rider of the 36-hour marathon. Leyden and Rademacher took time to pose for a picture during the men's game. LaMarcus Lowe and Doug Anderson have thrown down a couple of nasty slams early for the Titans!

President Garibaldi was the final rider of the day
The final rider is on! We're in the final 10 minutes after 35 hours and 50 minutes of continuous riding, President Garibaldi is about to close the book on a couple of long days for the folks in Titan Strength and Conditioning and early nights for Titan student-athletes. Money was raised to benefit and create awareness for the American Cancer Society and its causes while money also benefited Detroit Titan athletics.

A big thank you to all of the riders in this year's event. Without the help of the student athletes, staff, faculty and everyone who participated, this event cannot happen. We'll continue to grow the event and try to raise even more money to support the cause.

Go Titans!

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  1. Joey Krizanek-Mens Soccer
    Cardio for a cause is a positive and easy way for student athletes to get involved in our fundraising. Everything was done really well this year. All we need next year is a better seat for the bike and we will be all set.