Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MAC Bites - #4

Senior captain Jason McDonald will part of a number of collegiate laxers to blog all season for Here is his fourth blog.

Jason McDonald - Sr. - #33 - Defense

Lacrosse Blog #4

Building, building, building…we’re constantly building. We build off each week and every game. There’s as much to take from a loss, as there is to take from a win. Last Saturday was a beautiful day, the sun was out and the weather was just right as we went up against UNC. We started off well, but slowly they began to take over. We cycled through a lot of players and saw some good things from the younger kids. We used the experience to tie up some lose ends on defense and find the proper personnel.

Moving forward, we have Mercer on Saturday, which will be quite the drive, about 15 hours or so. We still haven’t forgotten what it was like to be a young struggling program and we will not take that for granted or over look it. We’ve been preparing well and are very excited for the next few road games coming up.

Monday’s practice went well, finishing up with our favorite drill, basketball. In basketball, the nets are brought up to the restraining lines in which the team is divided in half and we play out a fast paced three on two. The player who takes the shot must exit the drill allowing the next team a one-man advantage. After each shot it’s a quick break to the other net allowing anyone from D-Mid’s to Long Poles to score. Once the ball hits the turf the play is dead and the opposite team goes on offense. The drill’s fast pace allows for quick decision-making, good hands in tight, and calm under immediate pressure.

Tuesday followed up strong as well, where players received a bit more input in the practice plan. We went hard for two hours getting a lot accomplished. Each practice has been followed by a tough full body workout and conditioning session on Tuesdays.

We are ready for our scout and anxious to get on the bus. We know we have made improvements and are ready to progress and only move forward from here on out.

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