Monday, February 14, 2011

Tom Lorenzo - Men's Fencing Blog

Senior Tom Lorenzo - Men's Fencing
This past weekend was the UDM Invitational, the Titan's home fencing tournament. After a long night of setting up Saturday evening, the Titan fencers were ready to go. We arrived early Sunday morning and some last minute set up maintenance was required, but this proved to be no challenge for the new members of the team as they were eager to learn and get the job done. The meet started off with a bye for us in the first round, allowing Wayne State and Michigan State to fence it out.

Then came the introductions as following the first round, Detroit’s three seniors were introduced including Brad Coon, Tim Nelson, and myself. Each of the three gentlemen, were accompanied by a song that they felt best interpreted their time on the team. Each Titan strode out onto the court saluting their devoted fans, as they met the rest of the team at center court.

Round 2 - The Titans went head-to-head with the Spartans. Men's and women's Sabre both fought furiously, showing what great progress they have made over the season. With more than half of the combined Sabre squad being new this year, it was incredible to watch the heart and devotion put into fighting for every touch.

Round 3 - This round proved to be a difficult one for the Titans as they were up against more experienced fencers from Wayne State. Each and every touch scored was well earned by the Titans in this round. As a senior member of the team, I cannot express how amazing it is to see the team grow this quickly due to their hard work and dedication.

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