Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cardio For a Cause

Joel Matthews of the men's lacrosse team kicked off the Second Annual Detroit Titan "Cardio for a Cause" kicked off Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. Check back later for more pictures, videos, and blogs from the 36-hour event as 216 participants will ride a stationary bike for ten minutes each, pedaling through the day and night and into the majority of the day on Monday, February 7.

Joel Matthews got things started at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning

From Feb. 6-7 in Calihan Hall. Titan student-athletes, staff, and coaches will participate in the event—that will see the final three hours of riding will take place adjacent to the main arena floor at Calihan Hall prior to and during the men's home basketball game vs. Cleveland State to generate additional exposure with fans in attendance.

Here's what the first the first rider of the day had to say:

8:10 am - We often find ourselves pulling together for a common good, on this small urban campus. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing group of students. Cardio for a Cause is one of those tiny events that makes an extraordinary impact and brings students, athletes, and adults all together for a common good. Getting up early and riding a bike is a small sacrifice that has to be made in order to achieve respect throughout this tight community. Waking up early, hanging out with the likes of Coach Wilson, Shayne Adams, Brian Smith, and Alex Wilson creates a great atmosphere to start the day. Donuts and coffee, and laughs on Super bowl Sunday, while raising money and helping out for a greater cause, that is about all you can ask for on a Sunday morning. Although it may be tiring and it does take away from whatever you may have planned, inside you know you are helping and that makes you feel much better. Getting involved can make your college experience that much better and Cardio for a Cause is certainly something that can boost the morale of an entire campus. I love doing events like this and I was certainly proud of myself and my fellow teammates. UDM is a great place to go to school and grow as a person. Cardio for a Cause is definitely an interesting fundraiser and I am proud to be a part of it.

Joel Matthews, Men's Lacrosse

Throughout the event, more athletes and individuals will blog about their experience.
11:10 a.m- Cardio for a Cause is a great fundraiser that brings us student-athletes closer. During this time, we are reminded that athletics is a big part of UDM. We like to think of ourselves are role models for the city of Detroit. This fundraiser reminds us that it isn’t about Titan Lacrosse, or Titan soccer, but rather it’s about Titan athletics. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with friends and teammates. We are all coming together for a common cause. We want to make Titan athletics successful. What makes Cardio for a Cause special is that it is a time for all athletes to come together to help each other get faster and stronger.

Marybeth Flanagan, Women's Lacrosse

2:20 p.m. Just got done doing the Cardio for a Cause bike ride on super bowl Sunday. I’m feeling super jacked that I have just benefited the Titan weight room having raised money for this. It was incredibly kind for all of my sponsors to donate money to this wonderful cause. It’s thanks to their generosity that we can continue to get ripped with big Nick and all of the talented strength and conditioning staff members. Let’s go Titans, let’s go Red Barons. Detroit!

Vince Lefler, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country

Members of the men's basketball team took a turn on the bike with the Super Bowl kickoff drawing closer. A TV in the room was set to the game so all riders (and supervisors) can keep tabs on the big game.


Evan Bruinsma passes the torch to Head Coach Ray McCallum

The big game is underway, but we still have athletes and staff coming by to help support the cause.

7:36 p.m. Almost a full 12 hours in and still going strong. My 10 minutes went by extremely quick and safe to say the transition went very smoothly! Nick Wilson even said it was the best transition of the day, between Alyssa Gietl and myself. The electricity is energizing everyone as they bike for such an amazing cause! New work out equipment to get fit for our seasons.Superbowl Sunday ain't got nothin' on this excitement!!!
Over and out,

Karyn McCarty, Women's Softball

11:44 p.m. - Working hard to be the best you can be is something that we as a Titan community strive for, and for us that starts in the weight room. Nick Wilson, Joe Tofferi and the Detroit Titan Strength staff do an excellent job preparing our athletes to compete at the highest level against top athletes in the NCAA. Cardio for a Cause is great to be a part of because not only does it benefit the golf team, but it benefits all of our athletic teams. New equipment in the weight room will allow us to be E.L.I.T.E. athletes.

Simon Reyers, Men's Golf

1:05 a.m. - I just got done with my ten minute shift of my second year of doing Cardio for a Cause. Just to touch briefly on the charity aspect; I think it's a great way to involve all of our athletic teams in a cause greater than themselves. However, an aspect of this that might get overlooked is the dedication of the strength and conditioning staff. A member of the 4 person staff will be present for all of the 24 hours, while the 216 participants of this event only had to be present for ten minutes each. This is not just a one-time occurrence however. Nick Wilson is perpetually the first person at Calihan morning after morning. This persistent dedication only sets an excellent example for all of the student-athletes here. I'm glad to be a part of this event and this athletic community that continually strives for excellence.

Matt Nedwicki - Men's Soccer

8:10 a.m. - Just finished my run on the bike for Cardio for a Cause and couldn't be happier to have a chance to support our community and the weight room where we all spend so much time. It's always a great experience to come take part in an event like this with other Titan athletes. It never fails to amaze me how many Titan athlete's will volunteer for a cause like this regardless of how tired or busy they already are. Go Titans!

Michael Purdy-Sachs - Men's Fencing

10:15 a.m. - 26 hours in and still going strong.  It has been a great experience with all these student-athletes spending some of their time doing something that benefits the ENTIRE athletic department and not just their own individual teams.  It has been business as usual up here in the weight room but the bike continues to move.  It has been a long night  but it will all be worth it in the end.  Thanks again to everyone that sponsored a rider, rode the bike, or supported Titan Athletics.  GO TITANS!!!

Nick Wilson - Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

11:37 a.m. - Men's lacrosse player Ty Maruyama takes a turn on the bike. We're closing in on the final eight hours!!

2:23 p.m. Track & Field/Cross Country Head Coach Guy Murray is on the clock as the time continues to tick.

At 5:00 p.m., the final three hours of riding will take place adjacent to the main arena floor at Calihan Hall prior to and during the men's home basketball game vs. Cleveland State (A 7:00 p.m. start against the current No. 1 team in the Horizon League) to generate additional exposure with the fans in attendance.  The final rider will finish at approximately 8:00 p.m. at halftime of the game.  That honor this year goes to Austin Daye of the Detroit Pistons!  Joining him among the celebrities to ride on Monday are: Earl Cureton- former basketball star and current Titan broadcaster, Tom Leyden- WXYZ, Tom Markowski- Detroit News and Matt Dery- Voice of the Titans and 97.1 personality, among others!

3:04 p.m. The men's fencing team also hopped on the bike as senior Tim Nelson took his 10 minutes in stride.

4:40 p.m. - Almost to the finish line! It's been business as usual in the weight room except for the sense of pride in the room. Watching every athlete and every staff member taking a turn to ride the biie has been truly inspiring to watch. This whole event just goes to show what a close knit family all the titans are. It is amazing how something like this can help so many people. It's been a long run and it's well worth it. And it's been an honor to say that I was apart of it. Keep it up Titians! Ale!

Larry Brown - Men's Tennis

5:00 p.m. The transition has been made as the riding has been transferred to Calihan Hall where Joe Tofferi, Assistant Athletic Director for Strength and Conditioning, was riding as the clock hit 5:00.00 p.m., as we approach the final three hours of this 36-hour marathon.

6:00 p.m. Two hours to game time. Bikers now Cleveland State brings senior Norris Cole to Calihan Hall who today was mentioned as a Top-10 Finalist for the Bob Cousy Award, which is presented by the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame to the nation's top collegiate point guard. Other names making the list are some of the nation's best including Corey Fisher of Villanova, Jimmer Fredette of BYU, Brandon Knight of Kentucky, Nolan Smith of Duke, and Kemba Walker of Connecticut.

Tonight against Cleveland State, Detroit is looking for its third straight home win, and third in five days, after beating UIC and Loyola Thursday and Saturday respectively.

Brigid Mulroy, women's basketball was on as the pregame music was playing at Calihan Hall.

Detroit Pistons reporter Heather Zara subbed in and took a few minutes on the bike

Come to Calihan and support the Titans against the Vikings of Cleveland State!! Game time is 7:00 p.m.

7:00 p.m. Game time and women's basketball head coach Autumn Rademacher is on the bike. Only one hour remains and five riders after Coach Rademacher left to go.

7:51 p.m. Austin Daye of the Detroit Pistons is the last rider of the day in the final 10 minutes of the event until 8:00 p.m. Over 200 student athletes, coaches, staff, and celebrities have taken a turn at Cardio for a Cause.

Below is a list of all the riders and their sport, position, or association. A big thank to all of those who helped support this year's cause.

8:00-8:10 am Joel Matthews Men's Lacrosse
8:10-8:20 am Shayne Adams Men's Lacrosse
8:20-8:30 am Brian Smith Men's Lacrosse
8:30-8:40 am Alex Wilson Men's Lacrosse
8:40-8:50 am Scott Drummond Men's Lacrosse
8:50-9:00 am Nick Garippa Men's Lacrosse
9:00-9:10 am Wes Steen Men's Lacrosse
9:10-9:20 am Joe MacLean Men's Lacrosse
9:20-9:30 am Tom Masterson Men's Lacrosse
9:30-9:40 am Taylor Ragland Track & Field/Cross Country
9:40-9:50 am Matt Lining Men's Lacrosse
9:50-10:00 am Max Zwolan Men's Lacrosse
10:00-10:10 am Anna Eidem Women's Lacrosse
10:10-10:20 am Emily Boissonneault Women's Lacrosse
10:20-10:30 am Brittany Busch Women's Lacrosse
10:30-10:40 am Megan Callahan Women's Lacrosse
10:40-10:50 am Erin Campbell Women's Lacrosse
10:50-11:00 am Jenna Alberts Women's Lacrosse
11:00-11:10 am Marybeth Flanagan Women's Lacrosse
11:10-11:20 am Tara Grady Women's Lacrosse
11:20-11:30 am Zaynib Hamze Women's Lacrosse
11:30-11:40 am Morgan Lear Women's Lacrosse
11:40-11:50 am Corina Mahorn Women's Lacrosse
11:50am-Noon Lindsey Saunders Women's Lacrosse
12:00-12:10 pm Alycsa Valentine Women's Lacrosse
12:10-12:20 pm Megan Wallace Women's Lacrosse
12:20-12:30 pm Rebekah Dornbos Women's Lacrosse/Soccer
12:30-12:40 pm Sharonda Vesey Track & Field/Cross Country
12:40-12:50 pm Whitney Rogers Track & Field/Cross Country
12:50-1:00 pm Tressanique Hampton Track & Field/Cross Country
1:00-1:10 pm Nicole Meisner Track & Field/Cross Country
1:10-1:20 pm Steph Cuniberti Track & Field/Cross Country
1:20-1:30 pm Allison Sears Women's Golf
1:30-1:40 pm Collette Hansen Women's Golf
1:40-1:50 pm Christina Thorne Women's Golf
1:50-2:00 pm Alainna Stefan Women's Golf
2:00-2:10 pm Taylor Hennrick Track & Field/Cross Country
2:10-2:20 pm Vince Lefler Track & Field/Cross Country
2:20-2:30 pm Anthony Donald Track & Field/Cross Country
2:30-2:40 pm Matt Arb Men's Lacrosse
2:40-2:50 pm Stephen Mastracci Men's Lacrosse
2:50-3:00 pm Brandon Davenport Men's Lacrosse
3:00-3:10 pm Kevin DiSalle Men's Lacrosse
3:10-3:20 pm Nick Tolomei Men's Tennis
3:20-3:30 pm Pablo Nunez Men's Tennis
3:30-3:40 pm Alex Latosinsky Men's Tennis
3:40-3:50 pm Cesar Escobar Serrano Men's Tennis
3:50-4:00 pm Chris Cheung Men's Tennis
4:00-4:10 pm Dean Butts Men's Tennis
4:10-4:20 pm Mike Basha Men's Tennis
4:20-4:30 pm David Stabley Men's Tennis
4:30-4:40 pm Chris Nemes Men's Lacrosse
4:40-4:50 pm Scott Harris Men's Lacrosse
4:50-5:00 pm John Dwyer Men's Lacrosse
5:00-5:10 pm Matt Ryder Men's Basketball
5:10-5:20 pm Ray McCallum Head Coach - Men's Basketball
5:20-5:30 pm LaMarcus Lowe Men's Basketball
5:30-5:40 pm Evan Bruinsma Men's Basketball
5:40-5:50 pm Connor Clark Men's Basketball
5:50-6:00 pm Jay Smith Assistant Coach- Men's Basketball
6:00-6:10 pm Casey Hornung Athletic Administration
6:10-6:20 pm Eli Holman Men's Basketball
6:20-6:30 pm Chris Ronald Strength & Conditioning
6:30-6:40 pm Amanda Sicard Strength & Conditioning
6:40-6:50 pm Nick Wilson Strength & Conditioning
6:50-7:00 pm Chris Kolon Men's Lacrosse Assistant Coach
7:00-7:10 pm Renee Zaccagni Softball
7:10-7:20 pm Hannah Klenk Softball
7:20-7:30 pm Karyn McCarty Softball
7:30-7:40 pm Alyssa Gietl Softball
7:40-7:50 pm Whitney Stratton Softball
7:50-8:00 pm Rachel Copple Softball
8:00-8:10 pm Katelyn Steffel Softball
8:10-8:20 pm Sara Cupp Softball
8:20-8:30 pm Julia Maksym Softball
8:30-8:40 pm Shelby Long Softball
8:40-8:50 pm Anna Runge Softball
8:50-9:00 pm Erin Huddleston Softball
9:00-9:10 pm Anna Bondy Softball
9:10-9:20 pm Andrew Dhaenens Cheer
9:20-9:30 pm Melanie Capuano Women's Tennis
9:30-9:40 pm Amanda Cornwell Women's Tennis
9:40-9:50 pm Carolina Salas Espinosa Women's Tennis
9:50-10:00 pm Raina Halabi Women's Tennis
10:00-10:10 pm Julia Fernandes Women's Tennis
10:10-10:20 pm Elena Strakhova Women's Tennis
10:20-10:30 pm Erin Weldon Women's Tennis
10:30-10:40 pm Sam Poole Women's Tennis- Head Coach
10:40-10:50 pm Megan Miller Track & Field/Cross Country
10:50-11:00 pm UDM Public Safety UDM Public Safety
11:00-11:10 pm Sequoyia Calhoun Track & Field/Cross Country
11:10-11:20 pm Susan Kalkstein Track & Field/Cross Country
11:20-11:30 pm Simon Reyers Men's Golf
11:30-11:40 pm Sheldon Keyte Men's Golf
11:40-11:50 pm Mark Hicks Men's Golf
11:50pm-12:00 amMarni Atcherhoff Women's Golf

Monday, February 7, 2011

12:00-12:10 am Liz Zouzal Women's Golf
12:10-12:20 am Britt Pronk Men's Golf
12:20-12:30 am Kyle Benford Men's Golf
12:30-12:40 am Brendan Leonard Men's Golf
12:40-12:50 am Pat Lepera Men's Soccer
12:50-1:00 am Matt Nedwicki Men's Soccer
1:00-1:10 am Jeremy Stoychoff Men's Soccer
1:10-1:20 am Danny Preston Men's Lacrosse
1:20-1:30 am Tom Allott Men's Soccer
1:30-1:40 am Martin Robertson Men's Soccer
1:40-1:50 am Adam Bedell Men's Soccer
1:50-2:00 am Adam Philp Men's Soccer
2:00-2:10 am Moustafa Bazzi Men's Soccer
2:10-2:20 am Patrick Soltys Men's Soccer
2:20-2:30 am John Weber Men's Soccer
2:30-2:40 am Anthony Shepherd Men's Soccer
2:40-2:50 am Kevin Pinkos Men's Soccer
2:50-3:00 am Chris Kobayashi Men's Soccer
3:00-3:10 am Nate Robertson Men's Soccer
3:10-3:20 am Joey Krizanek Men's Soccer
3:20-3:30 am Janae Paveglio Women's Soccer
3:30-3:40 am Mary Leone Women's Soccer
3:40-3:50 am Nina Carter Women's Soccer
3:50-4:00 am Alyssa Korson Women's Soccer
4:00-4:10 am Sarah Dzuris Women's Soccer
4:10-4:20 am Joanna Hinde Women's Soccer
4:20-4:30 am Megan McLalin Women's Soccer
4:30-4:40 am Kaitlyn Quarrell Women's Soccer
4:40-4:50 am Emily Oberheim Women's Soccer
4:50-5:00 am Jess LaBond Women's Soccer
5:00-5:10 am Lauren Roffey Women's Soccer
5:10-5:20 am Becca Pidgeon Women's Soccer
5:20-5:30 am Alison Suschak Women's Soccer
5:30-5:40 am Alex Suschak Women's Soccer
5:40-5:50 am Chloe Streetman Cheer
5:50-6:00 am Rachel Tarbutton Cheer
6:00-6:10 am Greg Haapala Director of Ticket Sales & Fan Experience
6:10-6:20 am Nora Abolins Women's Soccer
6:20-6:30 am Abby McCollum Women's Lacrosse/Soccer
6:30-6:40 am Olivia Mendoza Women's Lacrosse
6:40-6:50 am Adam Siero Sports Medicine
6:50-7:00 am Jaimee Stoner Women's Lacrosse
7:00-7:10 am Sydney Hudson Cheer
7:10-7:20 am Nick Garofalo Cheer
7:20-7:30 am Chris Campbell Cheer
7:30-7:40 am Allison Cass Cheer
7:40-7:50 am Lauren Kenny Cheer
7:50-8:00 am Ebony Fails Cheer
8:00-8:10 am Michael Purdy-Sachs Fencing
8:10-8:20 am Lindsey Lammars Women's Golf
8:20-8:30 am Tim Robertson Men's Lacrosse
8:30-8:40 am Troy Dennis Men's Lacrosse
8:40-8:50 am Adam Nolan Men's Lacrosse
8:50-9:00 am Chris Hinderliter Sports Medicine
9:00-9:10 am Ashley VanMeter Sports Medicine
9:10-9:20 am Nick Schesnuk Men's Lacrosse
9:20-9:30 am Alexandria Vintevoghel Track & Field/Cross Country
9:30-9:40 am Kristie Ferrans Track & Field/Cross Country
9:40-9:50 am Sarah Martinez Track & Field/Cross Country
9:50-10:00 am Katie Weishaar Track & Field/Cross Country
10:00-10:10 am Katrina Oberski Track & Field/Cross Country
10:10-10:20 am Torrie Eger Track & Field/Cross Country
10:20-10:30 am Shelby Mamo Cheer
10:30-10:40 am Katie Taylor Track & Field/Cross Country
10:40-10:50 am Julio Castillo Men's Soccer
10:50-11:00 am Jamie Hebden Men's Lacrosse
11:00-11:10 am Sunny Jones Head Coach, Softball
11:10-11:20 am Ali Hess Asst. Coach, Softball
11:20-11:30 am John Bowman Men's Soccer
11:30-11:40 am Ty Mariuma Men's Lacrosse
11:40-11:50 am Kelly Gallagher Asst. Coach, Women's Lacrosse
11:50am-Noon Mary Ann Meltzer Head Coach, Women's Lacrosse
12:00-12:10 pm Victoria Vintevogel Sports Medicine
12:10-12:20 pm Erek Bender Men's Lacrosse
12:20-12:30 pm Brad Janer Men's Lacrosse
12:30-12:40 pm Jason McDonald Men's Lacrosse
12:40-12:50 pm Tyler Corcoran Men's Lacrosse
12:50-1:00 pm AJ Levell Men's Lacrosse
1:00-1:10 pm Lorrena Carithers Sports Medicine
1:10-1:20 pm Kristin Mooney Track & Field/Cross Country
1:20-1:30 pm Drew Schupbach Men's Lacrosse
1:30-1:40 pm Grant Asher Head Coach, Men's Tennis
1:40-1:50 pm Pjotrs Necajevs Men's/Women's Tennis Asst. Coach
1:50-2:00 pm Nic Ryan Assistant Facilities Manager
2:00-2:10 pm Mike Smith Track & Field/Cross Country
2:10-2:20 pm Jordan Sames Dir. of Concessions & Merchandising
2:20-2:30 pm Guy Murray Director of Track & Field/Cross Country
2:30-2:40 pm Emily Vannice Dir. of Ticket Operations & Special Events
2:40-2:50 pm Mike Miller Asst AD
2:50-3:00 pm Mike Lupenec Head Coach, Women's Soccer
3:00-3:10 pm Tim Nelson Fencing
3:10-3:20 pm Alyssa Starkey Athletic Administration
3:20-3:30 pm Amy Paling NCAA Compliance Office
3:30-3:40 pm Kit Stetzel Sports Information
3:40-3:50 pm Jessica Liebner Athletic Administration
3:50-4:00 pm Harvey Theeck Athletic Equipment Manager
4:00-4:10 pm Jeff Clarridge Men's Golf
4:10-4:20 pm Dennis Carlesso Dir. of Development, Athletics
4:20-4:30 pm Elijah Warren Athletic Administration
4:30-4:40 pm Larry Brown Men's Tennis
4:40-4:50 pm PJ Gradowski Sports Information
4:50-5:00 pm Adam Parratino Men's Lacrosse
5:00-5:10 pm Joe Tofferi Asst AD, Strength & Conditioning
5:10-5:20 pm Matt Holtz Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse
5:20-5:30 pm Jeff Latinen Asst AD, Facilities & Special Events
5:30-5:40 pm Steve Corder Asst AD, NCAA Compliance
5:40-5:50 pm Brigid Mulroy Asst. Coach, Women's Basketball
5:50-6:00 pm Mitch Wigness Sports Information
6:00-6:10 pm Brandon Longmeier Dir. of Marketing and Promotions
6:10-6:20 pm Yar Shayok Women's Basketball
6:20-6:30 pm Earl Cureton Former Men's Basketball Player
6:30-6:40 pm Tom Markowski Detroit News
6:40-6:50 pm Matt Dery 97.1 The Ticket
6:50-7:00 pm Daron Montgomery Sr. Assoc. Athletic Director
7:00-7:10 pm Autumn Rademacher Head Coach, Women's Basketball
7:10-7:20 pm Michael Joseph Interim University President
7:20-7:30 pm Tom Leyden WXYZ Channel 7
7:30-7:40 pm Keri Gaither Director of Athletics
7:40-7:50 pm Tommy Titan Titan Athletics
7:50-8:00 pm Austin Daye Detroit Pistons

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