Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Detroit vs. Butler, Valparaiso and Mother Nature?

Things change in sports all the time and you need to adapt. Whatever sport you play, you have to prepare for a quick decision. That is why you practice so hard and try to practice every possible situation because you just never know.

Well plans can also change off the court and sometimes it’s something you just can't do anything about. The Titan women's basketball team is learning about that right now and they will have to tough out the quick change in travel plans.

Detroit is on the road this week as the women play at Butler on Thursday (Feb. 3) and at Valparaiso (Feb. 5) on Saturday. Usually, the team would have left for Indianapolis after practice on Wednesday, somewhere around 4 p.m.

Well that was before "Mother Nature" decided to put on a full court press and create a massive winter storm that started in Texas and will make its way through the Midwest and all the way to the East Coast. A blizzard warning is in effect and snowfall amounts above 10 inches is expected in Michigan. So the Titans decided to do some quick thinking and travel plans changed around 11 a.m. on Tuesday. We will be leaving at 5 p.m. TODAY so let's see if Detroit can pull off three wins this week against Butler, Valparaiso and the weather.

The Titans are boarding the bus now so let’s see how many movies we can get in as we move through the snow and ice.

Four hours in a bus and we have made it through Ohio. It's 9:20 now so just about what another two hours to go? Bus Driver Jerry in total command. I don't know how he is doing it, but we are moving at a decent pace.

Its 11:20 and we have just checked into the hotel. Detroit made it to Indy. Take that winter storm '11

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