Sunday, March 18, 2012

Softball Played 10 Games in Kissimmee, FL March 4-10

by Hannah Klenk and Karyn McCarty - Softball
March 18, 2012

Hannah Klenk and the Titans played 10 games in Florida

Florida. Where foul balls hit palm trees and you can get a sun tan line from eye black, where memories were made and softball was played. At the beginning of our season, Coach Jones told us not to be so much result-oriented, but instead focus on the progress. Although we ended up with the same record in the Rebel Games as we did last year in Florida (4-6), there was a completely different atmosphere. After a tough loss, we were told that we were more competitive than in past years. Although we did play better, it was an understatement; we did not play to our potential consistently. When we were consistent with hitting, fielding and pitching, we beat Holy Cross, Lehigh, Lafayette, and Fairleigh Dickinson. 

There was complete team effort throughout the week. Everyone contributed and stepped up when it was their turn. Each of our pitchers took home a win including Kat Hoffman’s first collegiate win. Other high points included Alyssa Schaub taking home her first home run ball of the season, sweet plays made by our defense, and Sam Henderson hit two consecutive doubles.

Despite the fact that we went to Florida to win ball games, we did not fail to have fun along the way. A forgotten I.D. was a rough start, but everyone made it on the plane and we arrived safely. Starting the trip off right we enjoyed a team midnight breakfast upon arrival at IHOP. The following day led us to the tedious task of condo grocery shopping. We filled six carts with groceries and delightfully picked the slowest checkout line. Later that night we went on to have our late night team practice under the lights. 

For the first day we brought the cold wind with us, but still managed to win the game and Karyn McCarty got our first victory of the Rebel Games. On Monday we had team surprise activity fun day which included The Lorax, shopping, and a mystery dinner show. Making a pit stop at CVS for snacks, the team was ready to go on a 3D adventure with the Lorax!  Following our 3D fun, coach took us to our part 2 surprise at the Nike outlets.  As a team full of girls, safe to say we were overjoyed with that part and we got in some retail therapy. The last stop of the day was the biggest mystery of all, literally. Finishing an amazing team day off with some family fun trying to solve a murder mystery! Putting all of our minds together trying to figure out who the real murderer was (Nigel), and we found out that for looking the way we did, we ask pretty intelligent questions. 

It was back to work for the Titans the next day having some tough games against Lehigh and Penn. We fought hard and competed, but couldn’t string our hits together and get our runs across. Both Julia Maksym and Karyn pitched great games and our defense made some amazing plays, but our bats were just left on the vans.

The following day was family day where all the girls got to spend the day with their family. Some went to the beach, others went “gator hunting”, and naturally almost all of us went shopping. It was a great day to relax and unwind, and just enjoy the amazing Florida atmosphere.

After family day it was all business for us. Playing some great ball games we had fun in the sun, made some great memories, and ultimately played some great ball. We are looking forward to an amazing season and after a great week in Florida we know how much potential this Titan Softball team truly has!

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