Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Preseason Mags Eying Detroit

Coach Ray McCallum has his team poised for a big season.
The hype surrounding the 2011-12 men's basketball season continues to grow following an off-season that only saw the Detroit Titans get better.  Every scholarship player returns from last season, a year that saw the Titans win 10 Horizon League games for the first time since 2004.  Of the 10 All-Horizon League players from last season, all are gone from their respective teams except two, both Titans: Eli Holman and Ray McCallum.

The national media is taking notice of a team poised to make a run at a league crown.  That league includes two-time national runner-up Butler and other squads such as Milwaukee (HL regular season champ), Cleveland State (NIT) and Valparaiso (CIT)-- all of whom made postseason appearances a year ago.

* ranks the Titans the 3rd-best team in the Horizon, ranking #60 overall and predicting an NIT berth at the season's conclusion. 

* shows Detroit as its No. 58 team in its 111 in 111 series.

*Detroit is on's Non-BCS Watch List for '11-12.

*Lindy's projects the Titans as the runner-up in the Horizon League in its preseason publication.

*Sporting News picks Detroit as its favorite to win the league in its preseason magazine.  Both publications hit newsstands this week.


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